Birthstones By Months

Birthstones By Months

We’ve been very interested in birthstones, and while there are a lot of different options, flaunting a gemstone of your birth month can make an outfit really sparkle. 

Want to show off your personality and also add some sparkle to your next outfit? Why not add a birthstone to this.

While we may not know what birthstone we have, that’s where this post comes in.  we do believe that the months hold a unique influence, including relating to the destiny, the personality, and overall well-being of a person. Nifty, huh? 

Aren’t sure what your birthstone is? Well, fear not, as we’ll list them out along with other cool facts about the birthstones. 

Birthstones and Months 

Below is a list of the different months, including the proper birthstone for each one: 

  • January: garnet 
  • February: amethyst 
  • March: aquamarine 
  • April: Diamond 
  • May: emerald 
  • June: pearl 
  • July: ruby 
  • August: peridot 
  • September: sapphire 
  • October: opal 
  • November: topaz 
  • December: tanzanite 

Now that we’ve listed them below, you might wonder what types of differences there are. 

Well, obviously there are notable differences, such as the brilliant greens of emeralds compared to the redness of a ruby, and of course the pale whiteness of a peal.

But, there are other differences with this too, which we’ve mentioned in a lot of different articles here on our site. read them over, and you’ll definitely learn everything you need to know about these stones. 

You’ll get a tour of each of these different birthstones, while also learning fun facts about symbolism, history, and the unique powers that these stones have.

Yes, there are powers that these stones have. There's a reason why the ancient Egyptians would wear emeralds when they were laid to rest.  There's a reason why sapphires were sought out by royalty and are still associated with this to this day. 

You’ll learn all about the fun information and great ways to use it.  Who knows, maybe by the end of this you’ll want to buy your birthstone, now that you know the fun powers that it offers.

These little pieces of information are great starters for conversation. So, next time you’re at an event with people, you’ll want to talk about these, since they’re quite fun.

It’s more than just that though.  you’ll be able to learn more about each of the physical characteristics of these birthstones, including color and durability. You’ll also get a feel for the different locations that one can mine these out.  That way, you can start to get an idea of the unique aspects that come with this.


Once you’re done, you’ll have tons of information about these gems of the zodiac, and it’s something that, for those interested in focusing on this, will absolutely love to enjoy. 

We do know a lot about some of the different styles that are used as well.  in fact, we’ve provided some resources about these styles, and other unique aspects of it that fit the stone, and the personality of those interested. 

With all sorts of gemstones, you also want to make sure that you get them sourced ethically. We provide you with those as well. so if you’ve been curious about the significance of a birthstone, or that hidden message within the gems, where you are. Have fun browsing and remember that while there isn’t any evidence that proves these stones have power, they are quite wonderful, and beautiful to behold as well, and is great for you to learn about if you so desire to do so today.

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