We have one mission, and that is to give you the best jewelry matched stones at prices that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Our specializations include almost all types of precious and semi-precious stones including emeralds, rubies, alexandrines, diamonds, and so much more. 

We offer over 15 years of professional gemstones and a knack for making sure you get the best stones that you can. If you want stones without the insane overhead that a traditional shop gives you, then come to us.  We provide a dramatically lower wholesale price.  You can get jewels up to 50% off at GemstonesFinder.com

You can explore different categories to find out for yourself.  We also offer a price quote to help you get started, and also the current retail value that the stones are going for, so you can see just how much you’re saving through our site. 

We currently have thousands of different gemstones on display for you to check out, so we know that our size matters. If you’re not finding the stones that you want, call us or fill a custom order form.  It’s very rare that we don’t have something that a client desires. 

We’re getting gemstones daily from so many different places.  When they come to us, we identify them all locally and then sell it to you at an affordable price, so if you’ve ever wanted gemstones, now is the time.

Our curated, beautiful collection includes thousands of rubies, sapphires, alexandrite, emeralds, diamonds, and tsavorites, along with other stones. You choose what you want, and the setting for each.

You can make your own or try some of the preset types that we offer.  Everything is made to order, which is why we love custom orders.  We make these all directly from scratch, so if there’s something you’ve been eying, we can do it.

It’s rare that we get a piece we can’t do, so keep that in mind.

We carry only the most natural of gemstones at GemstoneFinder, we don’t carry synthetic, or lab stones. Everything is distinguishing, independent, and certified by our personal laboratories. We also have certificates available for one to view directly on our site so they can see just what they’re getting from us. 

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