Emeralds: A Green Treasure

Emeralds: A Green Treasure

Emeralds hit the top spot in most cases, as they’re something that have been gotten from mines for millennia. 

Ever since the ancient days of Cleopatra, this was a gem that provided a passionate and lush magnificence that you can’t get anywhere else. 

This is a stone that’s beautiful because of the intenseness of the color, and most of the beauty is based on this, and the clarity within the stone.

These greens that are seen within rainforests are colors that do demand a high price. The color is definitely determined by the greenish hues, but also there might be a hint of yellow or blue based on where it comes from.

Within every single one of these, there is a specific sort of fingerprint that gives a bit about where it comes from. While small, these are significant, and the Jardin does give the green and appearance of a garden that’s blossoming within this gem.

This is the gemstone for May, and is linked to status and wealth, especially going all the way back centuries. This grass green type of gemstone provides a unique feeling of envy, even with just one singular glance at this. 

While all emeralds do get some treatment, and some filling of their fissures with additives that differ, this is very common. The main purpose of such is in order to improve this clarity, and then reduce the fissure visibility.  The cedar wood oil is the most traditional type of addition on the market, but over the years as this is used, it does dry up. Baby oil also is used to improve the glory, and in most gem trade, this is actually accepted. 

This is one that’s mined in a variety of different countries, such as Brazil, Afghanistan, Zambia, and Pakistan.  Even Russia does house a few of these. 

However, if you want the best gems, they are considered to be from Columbia, as they offer that brilliant bluish to them as well, and many people like them. They also have a reputation for being sourced ethically in a lot of cases, so many times, for those who worry about that, this can be the better option. But don’t write off the Afghan emeralds. They’re known for being some of the highest quality and colored emeralds that are out there. 

Some of the newer types of emeralds are those that are mined directly from Zambia, and they offer a lush, beautiful green that comes with a little hint of yellow that’s seen within each of these gems. 

All of the gems do get sourced ethically from our shop, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect. When choosing, you want something with a decent amount of occlusions, and offers a brilliant green. If it seems to be almost more yellow than green, you might be looking at some beryl, so you might want to adjust and buy something different.


Emeralds are a stone of life, and many people do like to wear these for a variety of different reasons. Whether they’re being worn to look good, or even to help with healing and wellness, there are a lot of great things that come with this. you as a gem lover should become mindful of the types of gems that are out there, and choose a stone that, with the right types of factors that you can love, brings you the ideal type of experience that not only you will love and cherish, but it’ll get you to wear it for as long as you wish to wear this. 

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