How Gemstones started as the Original Collectable

How Gemstones started as the Original Collectable

We know all about collecting whether it’s games, comic books, or even jewelry, a lot of us love to collect things. 

But, did you know that gemstones are one of the most popular? 

Here, learn how gemstones were the ORIGINAL collectable, and why it’s important to always learn about these and some of the cool aspects of them. 

Why Collecting? 

Well, let’s face it, they really are the original. 

Why is that? 

Remember, gemstones have been collected since at least 3100 BC in ancient Egypt.  They’re something that society treasured. Queens, pharaohs, and others wore various pieces, including braces and also headdresses that contained these stones.

Many people also collected and carried different gemstones because they believed that the stones provided luck and courage. With the fascination of this, a lot of ancient Egyptians also were loving these natural gifts. Some were even so prized that when they died, the stones came with them. 

While it might seem strange that primitive humans may find joy when they look at topaz or emeralds, but in a way, it makes sense.  Like how we are with visual stimulations today, they had that same love for the sights too.

But what’s really cool about gemstones is that natural allure that humans of all kinds have had for eons. Mankind’s back then, and even now, have had an innate desire to collect and own these gemstones. 

After all, why else would one collect? In a way, it’s like acquiring other types of art, and for many, they were purchased for the sole beauty of them, their special nature, and the enjoyment that these stones bring to wonders. 

Some even have special memories of their childhood when they hold these stones. Others might just like the aesthetics of these. Whatever it might be, collection is one that’s born from interest and passion, and really, it’s that simple! 

Benefits of gem collection 

What other benefits are there when it comes to gem collection? 

There are a few actually. 

First, let’s talk about the space that it takes. Which is actually very little. Think about collecting antique toys, or even antique pottery. That takes up much more space. In contrast, a gemstone demands very little in terms of space. Some even keep them in little trays, jars, or even in a display case that’s small. They can then be stacked in a neat, orderly fashion, and then you put them away when you’re done.  You can also keep them out for display. Then, as the collection begins to grow bigger, you can get bigger cases. 

But, even with bigger cases, they’re much smaller in size than other types of collections that are out there. 

They’re also great for those who love history. Remember, gemstones take forever to form, I’m talking millions of years. There are different varieties that come from different minerals and crystals. Many of the most common ones have come within the crust of the earth for a couple of millennia.  They’re definitely brought to life through explosions, or even mining. When you start to envision the process, you start to realize that it’s amazing that you can just get out there and own a beautiful piece of history like this. 

Finally, they’re great for everyone, not just the wealthy ones.  You can get a cheaper one that’s certainly boatful.  Remember, while you can’t afford a collection worthy of a museum, you can find some gems that are exotic, and sell far less than other types of gems, especially if you do your research as well for them too.

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