Garnet Stone Raw Cut Deals

Buy Variety of Natural Garnet Stones in Rough Cut

Garnets are a type of gem that’s related to a lot of minerals that are closely related.  They create a group of different gemstones that come in practically every color.

The most famous are the red ones, but you can get ones in pink, green, oranges, and also purplish red.  There are also some blue types. 

Red garnets are common, and are usually found in some metamorphic rocks, which are rocks that get altered by pressure and heat, based on each continent.  But the red ones are the most common. You can find green garnets, which are basically tsavorites, which do occur in some metamorphic rocks. However, due to the chemistry and the conditions that are necessary to make these forms, they’re much rarer. 

One of the rarer and most famous kinds of green garnets are the demantoids, which are a bit interesting. There is also spessartine, and also orange garnets.  They can offer a variety of different colors to change, which are very similar in nature to alexandrite. 

Garnets are similar in their structure, but the composition of them is where they vary. With over twenty different categories, five are only commercially viewed as important. Almandine, pyrope, spessartine, andradite, and grossular.  There is also uvarovite, which is a garnet that’s green and usually that occurs in some crystals that are a bit too small for cutting. It’s found in some jewelry clusters that are there too. Most garnets come with a mixture of different species in every single case. 

They are beautiful gems, and you can get different colors and even the way that they look based on the cuts of the gems, and what they look like in different sizes.