GemstonesFinder presents a diverse and rare collection of raw cut Sphene Titanite stones. Our assortment includes a variety of sphenes sourced from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other global locations. Sphene comes in captivating colors such as yellow, orange, green, and dark green. Our inventory comprises loose sphene, raw sphene crystals, sphene/titanite mineral specimens, and facet rough sphene stones. The collection highlights the enchanting green hues that make Sphene a truly distinctive and alluring gem. Discover our meticulously curated selection today.

Rare Sphene Titanite Treasures: Explore Our Exclusive Collection of Raw Cut Stones

This is a very valuable type of titanite, which is a titanium-rich ore.  This is also used as a popular gemstone.  Most of the time, experts use titanite to talk about this stone, and then, the term sphene is used to describe the gemstone.

They usually are either orange, yellow, green or brown in terms of hue, with a variety of different gradations, and color zoning.  Iron and other rare earth elemental types create some impurities. Chromium is usually what helps give it a green, but they can also be colorless, black, blue, and even red. 

They are sometimes used as jewelry stones, but they’re not as used due to the fact that we don’t know about it.  It's low on the hardness scale, sitting at around 5 to 5.5 and the lack of smoothness, along with some cleavage, makes it hard for people to make jewelry out of them.

But there are some dispersions of differ fire ranks, and this is one of the highest in the world. but because of the body color, the orientation of the cutting, inclusions, and style of cutting, it can obscure the features of this.  strong pleochroism also doesn’t show up in a lot of this either. 

They can, however, be polished and match the adamantine luster of some diamonds, but it’s very difficult to do.  There are round cuts that showcase this, and they also work well with cuts that are used for zircon to bring out the features.