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This is one that’s cool because you find this in meteorites, lava, and in the mantle of the earth, making this a gem that’s quite extreme. 

Peridot has been mined within the red sea island called Zabargad, and this is actually where a lot of peridots are found. 

The ancient Egyptians called this the “gem of the sun” and to this day, it’s known for the yellowish green colors, and a cool history that a lot of other gems don’t necessarily have. 

A large and very strong in color example is known to be quite spectacular.  You can also get ones that are a little bit smaller, while still being attractive.

This stone is ancient. Some have even found ones that are 4.5 billion years old.  They were found in pallasite meteorites, which are some of the old remnants from the birth of the sun. 

It also was found in a comet dust that was brought back in 2005 from space. This was brought on the space probe called Stardust. 

The peridot is a gem that’s a variety of the mineral olivine, and this is something that’s found in the rock of peridot, and in the upper mantle of the earth. 

This is the birthstone used for august and is also the gemstone used for one’s 15th anniversary.

People like this gem a lot because it’s known as the iron gem.  This is because it does have impurities kept within it, especially iron.  The color of peridot is a yellowish green, and in a lot of cases, those gemstones that are higher in quality tend to have a more intense color.

Finally, because of the double refraction that happens when you look at the gem, you’ll sometimes see double the facets when you look in and study the gem.