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Knows about Emerald Stone

Emeralds are something that’s known by royalty, but also has eloquence, foresight, and wit. Known as the “jewel of kings’ this is the birthstone for the month of May.  Some believe that this stone has a mystical sort of property, and also a beauty that shows life, and has a status that’s honored among many people. 

Cleopatra was the one famous for these, and while there are other royals out there that have displayed these, she’s the best known. It’s become popular because this was a gem known for symbolizing immortality, and fertility. It was so important that Cleopatra surrounded her palace and herself with emeralds of all kinds, even giving these to dignitaries in foreign lands. She did intend for these to have power and wealth displayed there. 

The symbolism in talismans is quite interesting too. Due to the fact that many believed emeralds did confer power, riches, and also eloquence, a lot of people would wear these. Some even thought that they’d improve your wit and memory.  It’s super powerful, but one thing that is praised by many is that ability to predict the future. In Hindu, Spanish, and Arab cultures, they were used to protect against dysentery, infection, even poison. Some even thought that they could protect one from demon possession as well. 

This is one that’s popular amongst many, especially gem cutters and lovers.  It was reported that it could see through different illusions, even falsification of truths, and also could dampen out lust.  It’s soothing however and is good for resting the eyes when strained. But some gem cutters kept these around, so that they could look at something else after a long day of cutting before tackling other gems.