Tourmaline Treasures: A Spectrum of Raw and Loose Stones

First, we’ve got tourmaline, which offers different colors especially due to the iron, the titanium, and other minerals creating both green and blue within them.

If you have a lot of manganese, it creates a pinkish red within them, and sometimes yellows.

There are also lab induced tourmalines, which are created through using radiation, and that of course creates a more pink or yellowish hue to them.  There are many synthetic counterparts that come with this.

They were first really discovered in 1554 when Francisco Spinoza went on an expedition.  He called it the Brazilian emerald, and since then, he is known as the first to record a romaine crystal. 

There are also other unique properties too. Tourmaline is pyroelectric, which means that when you heat this up, it’s charged. When you squeeze this too, it also creates an electric charge. 

The most sought after ones are the Brazilian types, and these are known as Praia, and they’re famous, especially because of their vivid blues, and greens that come out with this when treated.  This is attributed to the color that’s within these. 

This is one that’s known as the birthstone for October birthdays, and it’s shared with opal.  It’s also the gem that’s used for eight anniversaries, and for the most part, it’s one that is beautiful, and with a variety of different colors, many people love this stone, and the variety that it has to offer.