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Loose Gems Calliberated

250 Carats Mixed Shape Amethyst Stones

250 Carats Mixed Shape Amethyst Stones

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This product is a parcel that’s wholesale, containing amethyst of different sizes and shapes. The sizes usually are free, but they do come in pairs when you look at them. 

The material is loose amethyst stones, totaling about 250 carats. The size of each of these is anywhere from under one and a half carats, to up to 5 carats, plus others that are round and loose, about the same size. 

With a brilliant purple hue to them, they will surely grab your attention. The shape is round, oval, square, and octagonal, with eye-clean clarity. Originating in Brazil, this unique, fun wholesale package is perfect for you to get. 

Amethyst is an all-purpose stone, used to heal, and protect a person, relieving stress and anxiety in one’s life. It also helps with the symptoms that come with this, such as tension headaches, anxiety, and even fatigue.  It assists in cell regeneration, supporting the bones and joints, and can even improve one’s skin. 

This is the perfect stone for many, ad when you fasten these in different ways, such as in rings and necklaces, you’ll have something that’ll really shine in all different ways.

  • Size: under 1.50 to 5 carats plus or roundabout 
  • origin: Brazil 




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