Why Buy Emeralds?

Why Buy Emeralds?

If you’ve seen emeralds before, you know they’re pretty, and well, very green. 

They come from the word Smaragdus, which means “green gem” in Greek.  They are a luxury and elegant gemstone that other gemstones can’t compare to. Gorgeous, classical, and adorned by so many men and women, they are considered a top-tier stone for people. 

A lot of royalty and historical figures love these and even a lot of celebrities in the modern-day world love these stones. 

Here, we’ll go over why emeralds are a must, and why they are important for your collection. 

Emerald history 

Emeralds are considered to be one of the most desirable stones, and they have a rich history. They were first mined in Egypt, dating back all the way to 4000 BC.  Cleopatra was considered to be one of the first to wear these, as she was fascinated with the charm that these stones had.  In fact, she wore some of the finest emeralds just by herself. 

Ancient greens were also working near the mines and loved these too. In fact, Alexander the Great had emeralds just like Cleopatra did too. Many thought that Cleopatra’s mines were a myth but were later rediscovered in the Red Sea back in 1817. Because of this, there was some credit added to the name. 

However, it wasn’t just Cleopatra that loved this stone.  Many would wear it themselves. The one who designed the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan, actually loved emeralds. He inscribed such within the sacred texts and was seen wearing an emerald talisman a lot. 

There is also the Mogul Mughal Emerald, which goes all the way back to 1695, and is considered to be one of the most famous emeralds out there. 

There is also the “Patricia Emerald” which is found in Columbia and weighs a hefty 325 carats! Named after the mine owner’s daughter, the emerald is still in a crystalized form and is seen in the American Museum of Natural History, located in New York City. 

Queen Elizabeth II also loved emeralds and she had them in her collection. The imperial state crown also houses eleven emeralds. This also isn’t accounting for the other crown jewels that feature this green stone. 

Current Day Emeralds 

Right now, there are a few locations to get emeralds, and they’re not in Egypt anymore. They’re located in Brazil, Columbia, and Zambia.  They produce a lot of these, but the Columbian Mines are unmatched, with almost 90% of the supply around the world coming from here. 

There is also the Pakistani emeralds, said to be incredibly rare, and not found often. 

What Emeralds Are 

Emeralds are basically a green beryl variety. They’re the green variety, attributed to the impurities within vanadium and chromium. 

When you have vanadium, chromium, or even iron present in a beryl mineral, this creates an emerald.  This attributes to the color of such. Vanadium and chromium also give the intense and green color to this. iron is what gives the stone a bluish sort of color. 

The ideal color is usually bluish green, and it’s considered the most sought after of these. 

There are many different types of emeralds out there, with the rarest being one called trapiche. This is a gemstone that has literal spokes located on the surface. A lot of people see the spokes as an imperfection, but there’s a purpose to this. they provide light through the gemstone and do highlight the luminosity and appeal of the gemstone.  With these unique characteristics, Trapiche is set apart from the types of emeralds, and makes them a real treasure for the enthusiasts out there. 

Why Buy emeralds 

There are a few reasons for getting emeralds, and why they’re the ideal stone for all jewelry. 

The first thing is that they’re versatile. A lot of enthusiasts do generally like emeralds because they’re flexible. 

That means they’re the perfect gemstone for colors, and also offer a natural sight for jewelry. A lot of natural jewelry makes up some of the best work out there, especially for the market of gemstones. 

A pair of emerald earrings that are natural definitely allow you to stand out from other people because they’re a sign of luxury. If you want an emerald jewelry piece, there are tons for one to choose from. With beautiful shades, they complement a lot of different colors and materials.  There is a lot that pairs with it. 

They’re spiritual

Yes, emeralds do have some spiritual relevance, especially for those interested in astrology.  There’s a lot of jewelry that definitely highlights the collection. 

Emeralds were known for their beauty, and their spirituality.  They signify prosperity, abundance, and even growth too. 

In South America and Ancient Egypt, emeralds are considered to be incredibly sacred, and possess the power of healing. It’s also May's birthstone. 

For those born during that month, it means you have a green radiance, and these emeralds provide love, protection, and abundance to the wearers. 

They’re Valued 

Finally, they’re a valued gemstone. They are green, adding a ton of class to all jewelry. The value of these is definitely in limited supply and demand. 

Depending on the quality, size, and the color of this, the prices do range from a few hundred dollars for a carat, to even in the thousands. 

Emeralds that have a deep green color, and very little flaws, are considered to be the most valuable, especially when choosing the ones that you want to have. 

Emeralds origins and cut also play a role in the value. 

As long as you take care of your emerald, and provide regular maintenance, they can last generations.  So yes, when you’re looking for a timeless piece that will definitely be great for you to have for a long time, this is it.  it’s the investment piece that you’ll love.  The next time you ask why emeralds, and what’s so powerful, they are a gem to behold, and are the next perfect bit of jewelry that you can get too.

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