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10 Carats Diamond Cut Natural Rubies - 2 mm

10 Carats Diamond Cut Natural Rubies - 2 mm

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Ruby gemstones are a type of sapphire. Did you know that? 

Well, these rubies are more than just incredibly strong.  They’re brilliant and are perfect for all sorts of gem needs. 

Sourced from Burma, they come in a brilliant red, and an excellent cut.  Looking at them, you’ll notice how beautiful they are. 

Our natural rubies are a corundum color and are calibrated for each to be 2 mm. While small, they are perfect for jewelry and other fittings. 

The shape is round and offers eye-clean clarity. 

We don't greet our rubies too much like other dealers, but instead, only use standard heat to give you the most brilliant, beautiful diamonds out there. 

We offer a series of standard packages available in as small as five carats, and as large as 30 carats.  Look at the options to get the price. 

Every order offers a certificate for a stone randomly offered in the order. 

The birthstone of July, these rubies are beautiful for designing all sorts of jewelry. If red is your color, and you want to really capture the brilliance of rubies, then check them out today, to see what they can offer.

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