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10 Carats Tsavorite Garnet Diamond Cut

10 Carats Tsavorite Garnet Diamond Cut

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Tsavorite garnets are pretty green garnets that certainly are beautiful to uphold.  It was formed during metamorphic events, where the rocks folded and refolded, resulting in a variety of different inclusions for each of these gems. 

Our tsavorite garnets are a beauty to uphold, and they come in a beautiful color and state that you will not want to miss. 

The total weight of this set is 10 carats, calibrated to small stones about 1.5 mm in size.  They’re round, perfect for fastening to jewelry and necklaces, and come in a bright, beautiful green color. 

They are cut in a round brilliant diamond cut.  It’s hard to treat these, as they are too occluded to look at the inclusions. 

We don’t provide heat treatment to them, but we will provide a certificate from the place that it’s from. We offer both lab-grown and naturally-sourced gemstones. 

They’re a favorite for others who aren’t able to afford emeralds and are considered to be one of the rarer gemstones.  It’s also a very nice one, calibrated to equal sizes.  It’s a vivid green, set perfectly into all sorts of jewelry, offering the best, most beautiful jewelry around.

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