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Loose Gems Calliberated

250 Carats Natural Citrine Loose Stones

250 Carats Natural Citrine Loose Stones

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A brilliant stone, yellow and clean in clarity, citrine is a wonderful stone for all of your needs. 

This is a parcel that’s wholesale, containing natural mixed citrine stones for the best jewelry designing imaginable.  The sizes are free, and also in pairs, depending on the stone. 

The total weight of all of these stones is 250 carats, and the size of each is under 1.5 carats, and then up about 5 carats. However, this varies based on the stone of choice. 

The color is yellow, but there are also some purple citrine stones that can show up in your order. The shape is round, oval, square, octagonal, and even pear sized stones, perfect for all of your needs. 

The clarity varies, but it’s clear along the lines, all the way from eye clean to loupe clean, so you’ll be getting something nice and clear. 

The stones originate from Brazil, and you’ll be impressed with the difference this makes, especially for your stones. 

With a lot of great options to choose from, citrine is the way to go if you want something yellow and brilliant for all your jewelry making needs.

This is wholesale parcel of natural mixed shape Loose Citrine stones for jewellery designing. The sizes are free sizes in pairs. 
  • Material: Citrine Loose Stones 
  • Total Weight: 250 carats 
  • Size: under 1.50 to 5 carats plus or round about 
  • Colour: purple 
  • Shape: Oval, Round , Octagonal, Square, pear 
  • Clarity: Eye clean to loup clean 
  • origin: Brazil 




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