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5x3 mm Calibrated Rainbow Sapphires - 13 Carats

5x3 mm Calibrated Rainbow Sapphires - 13 Carats

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Sapphires aren’t just brilliant blue; they are many other colors too. Calibrated sapphire stones can be the perfect option for you, as they come in a variety of different rainbow colors. 

These multicolor rainbow stones are perfect for designing the jewelry that you want to create for others. 

The total weight of these is 13 carats, and it could be more or less, depending n the row. 

The dimensions are 5x3 mm, so they’re a bit bigger than other types of sapphires. 

They come in so many sparkling, brilliant colors. Some of these are yellow, red, orangish-yellow, green, blue, purple, and even pink. 

All of our rainbow sapphires are emerald-cut, or octagonal, for an even more brilliant look to them. 

These stones naturally come from Thailand, Africa, and Sri Lanka.  You’ll know where they come from once you order, so keep that in mind. 

All our sapphires are treated normally. They’re the standard heat treatment. The red is beryllium heated. 

Rainbow sapphires are great for many different, beautiful pieces of jewelry for you to try out. If you’re interested in creating jewelry that sparkles, looking more stunning than before, this is the perfect jewelry kit for you.

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