Sapphire Dreams Start Here: Choose Your Perfect Stone Today!

Here is a brief overview of Sapphire gemstones:

 Sapphire gemstones are no doubt the beautiful ones and have held the attention of many for millennia. 

The rarest called the Kashmir sapphire goes for over 200 thousand per carat, but there are also some more pale ones that go for a lot too.

Did you know that not every sapphire has a blue color? Being the birthstone of September, this is one that comes in virtually every color but red. 

Sapphires are a type of corundum, and all but the red ones are considered this. red ones are known as rubies. 

When looking at these on the market, you usually call your normal sapphire that’s blue a sapphire, but other colors are delineated. 

But the term is used to apply to all colors when describing characteristics. 

The color is made from iron, chromium, titanium, and other trace minerals.  You can slao find small amounts of vanadium, which causes the color change. 

They also show a color during the day, and sometimes, in fluorescent and even incandescent light, they do become yet another brilliant color. 

There is a bit of discrepancy between rubies and pink sapphires. Some say that if there is a red hue that’s dominant due to the corundum, that’s ruby.  Others consider any sort of red, even pink, to be the ruby color. 

There is also the padparadscha sapphire, which is one that is more of a peach or salmon color. These colors do change, based on where they’re coming from, and the eastern and western origins of the stone at hand. 

Sapphires have been used for centuries to protect against poison, fraud, and other sorts of ailments, and also have been associated with divination.  But they do get mistaken for lapis lazuli.